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YMCA Swimming Website
Posted by administrator | Views: 164
04/May/2015 at 3:53pm

Exciting Update Coming to YMCA Swimming Website

Mark your calendar for June 1, 2015!

The National YMCA Swimming and Diving website will convert to the TeamUnify platform on that day.

After this conversion you will be able to find all of the information and links that you access now on the current site on the new website. In addition, your team does not have to be a TeamUnify customer in order to access the new features on the national website.

There are currently 13 regional YMCA websites using the TeamUnify platform. You may access yours today by using the links on the national site. These sites will remain and will integrate directly with the new national site when it goes live on June 1.

In preparation for the conversion on June 1, the team and coach registration functions and the meet sanction application function on the current national site will be disabled from May 18 - June 1. Please have your team and coach registrations and your meet sanction applications complete prior to May 18.

More information to come!

If you have questions, contact Meredith Griffin, YMCA Swimming and Diving Program Coordinator, at

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Breaststroke Rule Change
Posted by administrator | Views: 1082
03/December/2014 at 4:16pm

Breaststroke - Timing of Permissible Butterfly Kick After the Start and Turns.

Pursuant to a change adopted by FINA regarding the butterfly kick during the first stroke of each lap of the breaststroke, the USA-S Rules and Regulations Committee has adopted a similar change to its rules, as shown in the notice from the Committee Chair, Jay Thomas, effective immediately. Link to Notice

Accordingly, as YMCA Swimming follows the USA-S Technical Rules, this rule change should be implemented immediately for all YMCA swim meets.

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YMCA Meets - Frequently Asked Quest... 
Posted by administrator | Views: 2394
20/December/2014 at 7:36am

Conduct of Closed Competition YMCA Meets


The following are some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the conduct of YMCA competitive swim meets. These rules and explanations are also found in the Swimming Addendum to the Rules That Govern YMCA Sports and the YMCA Sanctioned Meet Guidelines document.

Link to document: 

Edited by administrator on 20/December/2014 at 7:37am

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Instructions: Online Swim Officials... 
Posted by twarrick | Views: 6628
19/October/2008 at 9:24am

Online YMCA Swim Officials Certification Test

Access the site

  • If you have previously received an email from "YMCA Swimming", this email will contain a link that says "Click here to be automatically logged in and view the article on the YMCA Swimming Web Site"
  • This link will take you to the web site and automatically log you in.  You are already setup as a registered user.
  • If you have never received an email from "YMCA Swimming", go to  Immediately under the logo (left top corner), you will see two links: Register and Login.  Select Register.
  • This will bring up a registration form. Click Agree to the terms and fill in the information on the form. 
  • If you are currently an official, make sure you select the role, Swim Official - YMCA.  If you are not currently an official, select, Officials Class Attendee
  • Once you receive the successful registration message, select, Take Officials Test from the left-hand menu.  It is under the section, For YMCA Officials

Beginning the Test
  • Note: You can not take the Online Officials Test without attending an Officials Training Class.  Even if you are recertifying, you must attend an officials training class.  Certifications are good for three years
  • Once the YMCA Officials Online Test screen appears, you will begin by verifying and updating your personal information in the first section.  Most of this is the same information you entered when registering.
  • In the Update Your Class Information portion, you will select the instructor/class date of the class you attended.  If your instructor/class date is not in the list, follow the instructions on the screen
  • In the Select The Test portion, select the test that you want to take.  Certification test are for people who are not currently certified at that level.  Recertification tests are for people who are currently certified at that level
  • When you completed all the information, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen 
  • This will take you to the first question of the online test
Taking the Test
  • On the the screen of the first question of the test, you will see two links at the top of the page.  Print a Copy of the Test link will open up a separate small window where the full test can be viewed.  If you work better with paper, you can print off the test and use it to help you through the online answers
  • Access Online Rule Book link will open another window where you can see the reference material for the test - The USA-S Technical Rules.  This will have the same content as the rule book you should have received during you class 
  • Each question will have two parts - the main question and the citation.  Read the question, select the answer you believe is most correct to the question.  You will only be able to select one answer.
  • Then read the citation.  Depending upon the citation question, there may be one or more correct answers.  You will be able to select multiple answers.
  • When you are done answering BOTH the question and the citation, click the Next button.  Your answes will be recorded and saved
  • Also notice, further down the page are additional options you can select.  If you want multiple questions display on each screen, click the appropriate button.  You can move to the first question, last question, or update the information you provided when you began the test.
  • All answers are recorded immediately upon clicking the Next or Previous buttons (or any optional buttons) 
  • You can leave the test at any time (and the web site) and return to it by returning to the web site and logging in. When you return to the online test, a notice will be displayed indicating that your session is in progress and which question you are on.  You will be able to pickup the test where you left off.
Test Scoring 
  • After you answer the last question of the test and press Next, you have reached the end of the test.  Click Score Test and the process will begin to check your answers and score the test.
  • To pass the test, you must receive 80%, where each correct answer to a question is worth 1/2 point and each correct answer to the citation is worth 1/2 point
  • In addition to a score of 80%, you must also answer at least 80% of questions correctly.
  • If you passed the test, you will be informed of your score.  In addition, an email will be sent to both you and your instructor confirming the test score.  The email will also contain the questions and citation that you answered incorrectly (however, the correct answer will not be provided).  If you want, you can then recheck these questions against the reference material.
  • If you did not passed the test, you will receive notification of not passing.  To be certified, you must take the test again.  There is no waiting period for retaking the test.  However, your previous answers will not be available.  You must retake the test from scratch.

Edited by twarrick on 25/December/2012 at 5:50am

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